BNSC Affiliations


Q.1 : Is BNSC and Botswana Football Association (BFA) the same?
Ans : No BFA is affiliated to BNSC and BNSC is the mother body that coordinates and promotes sport development initiatives.   
Q.2 : Does BNSC meet with its Affiliates to establish issues facing them?
Ans : Yes BNSC has a schedule of meetings with Affiliates annually and also meet with Affiliates at the Ordinary General Meetings and Annual General Meetings.
Q.3 : What is BNSC doing to help Affiliates to be self sustainable?
Ans : BNSC receives a government grant annually and the funds are primarily used by Affiliates for sports development. The BNSC has also embarked on an Affiliates Empowerment exercise which seeks to source office accommodation, vehicles where possible and Affiliates desk officers to assist in running their sport development initiatives.  
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