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The Botswana National Sport Commission is a statutory body set up through the Act of Parliament; BNSC Act No 30 of 2014. The organisation previously called the Botswana National Sports Council was established in 1965 with the Botswana National Football Association (BNFA) as its only member Affiliate. The BNSC being an independent organization relied on private donors for funding and largely on the Bechuanaland National Sports Appeal Fund (BENSAF) which also came into existence in 1965(B.Masala on Sports in Botswana: E.O. Owolabi &Thomas Adolph 1996). BENSAF, as the name suggest, was entrusted with raising funds from within the country and internationally; with a mission to construct sports facilities and source equipment. It was through the donations and self-help initiatives that Botswana saw its first National Stadium constructed and officially opened in September 1966.

In the same year, the BNSC recognized the existence of Botswana Lawn Tennis Associations (BNLTA).Both BNFA and BNLTA benefited from BENSAF fundraising efforts. Between the two, BNFA activities were more dominant. Since there was no truly national league, football activities were organized by individual clubs, who often invited teams from neighbouring countries. In the course of time, some Individual clubs became disgruntled with the BNFA, affecting the general administration and organization of football in the country. By 1972 these problems led to a Commission of Enquiry into the affairs of BNFA.

A major outcome of the Council was the enactment of the BNSC  in 1975 (BNSC Act Cap 60:01), as a regulatory mechanism, whose primary provision was to ensure that all Sports clubs, Associations and Federations fall under the control of one umbrella body, Botswana National Sports Council . The Act was revised in 1981. According to the Act, BNSC was the supreme custodian of sports in Botswana whose strength and growth manifests in the number of affiliates and the level of established links with international sports bodies.

In 2014, the Act was revised (BNSC Act No. 30 of 2014). This Act was to establish the Botswana National Sport Commission to provide for its powers and functions; to provide for the registration of sports associations, and to provide for doping control and for matters incidental thereto.

The functions of the Commission are:

  • To determine policies for giving effect to the objects and purposes of the Act;
  • To advise the Minister to change, review or formulate sport related policies and strategies where necessary;
  • To provide leadership and guidance on sport development and promotion;
  • To assist the sport associations ensure that their policies and procedures meet the required standards;
  • To provide knowledge through sport education programmes;
  • To ensure private Sector participation in sport development;
  • To mainstream the benefits of sport and physical activity and recreation in the lives of Batswana;
  • To facilitate the preparation of the national team in regional and international competitions;
  • To provide leadership and guidance in prioritising funding for sports associations and recreation clubs;
  • To take responsibility and leadership in the process for the hosting regional and international competitions;
  • To promote the national brand and symbols through sport;
  • To promote sport tourism
  • To facilitate elite sport development and participation in international Competitions in collaboration with Botswana National Olympic Committee;
  • To ensure structured talent identification and nurturing of athletes;
  • To ensure compliance with set ethics and standards, conventions and protocols  
  • To regulate sport at all levels
  • To promote the development of professional sport;
  • To conduct research on sport and sport related issues;
  • To authorise participation of national teams in international sport competitions;
  • To set performance targets and design programmes aimed at facilitating to continued growth and development of sport; and
  • To promote the inclusion of girls, women and people with disabilities in sport.

The BNSC is a member of the African Union Sports Council (AUSC), and falls in the Region 5. The Commission is linked to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through the Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC)..

Vision Statement

“Sport for all, for excellence and prosperity"

Mission Statement

“To lead, develop and implement an innovative sport delivery system by promoting sport participation and excellence”

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