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Botswana Basketball Association


Basketball was played informally in Botswana by mission schools from 1965, however it was only in the early nineties when some form of organised structure came into being and formally registered the BBA with the registrar of societies in 1995.


To have Basketball as the number one participating sport in the whole country at all age groups from primary to secondary schools, out of school young and old. To have a well informed community led by an efficient management, which will be basically focused in the development of sport and athletes, coaches and officials, and facility that will merge with the international standard and providing technical assistance necessary to put Botswana Basketball on the world stage.

Mission Statement

We shall facilitate the implementation of training programmes, athletes’ development, facilities provision, community participation, multi-level linkages and global networking by democratic administrators.


The BBA objectives are to lead Botswana in the development of basketball through any possible means available to it, from the grass roots of mini-basketball of primary aged children, through to secondary schools (BISA), out of school youth, tertiary institutions and senior league teams, under 8 National Teams, under 20 National teams and the Senior National teams.

  • To set-up a professional management structure that will facilitate the successful marketing and promotion of the sport through advertising using print and electronic media.
  • To see a well-informed community of the sport throughout the country.
  • To help our athletes to develop their skills and training to levels found the world over.
  • To have formalised development structures for athletes, coaches, officials and administrators.
  • To ensure the continuous development of Basketball facilities in schools and community parks.
  • To acquire property and equipment necessary to maintain the smooth running of the association.
  • To enable the development of facilities of international standards countrywide.
  • To have persons in elected executive positions in the Zonal, Continental and World governing bodies by 2008.
  • To build strategic alliances and global networks for the development of Basketball in Botswana.
  • To enhance the quality of play in domestic and international games.
  • To encourage the participation of all stakeholders in the sport.
  • To produce a higher level of performance at international level.
  • To promote HIV/AIDS awareness in the sport in line with the nations HIV/AIDS policy.


The BBA became affiliated to the Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) in 1996 at which time it resolved to provide technical assistance to affiliated members of the association namely Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) and the tertiary institutions association (BOTESSA). The association is also affiliated to the Botswana National Olympic Committee.

BBA is affiliated to Zone 6, AFABA and FIBA, the world governing body for basketball. The President of BBA is an additional member in Zone 6.

Executive Committee

Ms Boineelo Hardy

Mr Phineas Makgale

Thatayaone Kgoadi

Mmoloki Njamela 

Mr Tirafalo Matsetse

Ms Abale Lesego





Vice President

Secretary Gen.


Technical Director







Botswana Basketball Ass.

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