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Botswana Motor Sport

About us

Motorsport is a fast growing international sport that has significant impact on both the economy and society as a whole. The sport receives high media attention and promotes participation on many levels from perhaps the widest range of the population as any other recognized sport. Motorsport has created industries with increased sources of national revenue in both developed and developing countries alike.

Motorsport is a complex sport, with hundreds of different variations of the sport. The variations include cars, off road (such as Toyota 1000 Desert Race), rally raids/Baja’s (such as the Paris Dakar Rally), Formula 1, world rally championships, karting, Nascar, Indianapolis, 4 wheel drive events, rally cross, hot rods, world touring cars and auto cross. These are all controlled by FIA.

Then there is FIM, which controls the bikes and quads and 34 world championships. Within this are the Superbikes, Speedway, Grass Track, Trials, Enduro, Cross Country, Rally Raid, Snow cross, Motocross, and Off Road, among others.

The role of Botswana Motor Sport (BMS) is to ensure that motorsport and leisure cycling are run according to the regulations that govern motorsport throughout the world. Safety is a major consideration in the sport. It is important to ascertain that the competitors wear the right protective gear and their machinery is safe to use. Also of paramount importance is protection of children’s rights in motorsport, making sure the children use bikes that are suitable for both their physical size as well as being comfortable mentally on such machines.

The environment is also a main area of concern, and to that extent BMS runs its activities according to the guidelines of the FIM “Ride Green” programme. This includes noise pollution as well as ground pollution and making certain that riders do not destroy the natural countryside.

Interest in motorsport is growing in Botswana, with enthusiasts in Gaborone, Lobatse, Jwaneng,
Selebi-Phikwe, Francistown, Maun and Kasane. BMS strives to assist these centres to promote the sport in their communities as well as to form their own clubs.

BMS aims to provide training programmes for officials and organizers, including medical personnel, clerks of the course, stewards of the meeting and marshalling. The organization also aims to develop athletes who shall compete for Botswana internationally.


 “To Achieve Excellence and Recognition in Motor Sport for Botswana.”

The above vision was developed based on the following elements:

Mission statement

 “To Provide Facilities, Training, and Encouragement for the Participation and Promotion of Motor    Sport in Botswana with Proper Consideration for our Environment.”

BMS Core Values

In order to motivate the right behaviour and culture that will support the implementation our Vision and Mission, the following are the core values that guide all our activities.

* Safety
* Professionalism
* Integrity
* Empathy
* Team work:
* Transparency
* United Leadership
* Effective Communication
* Environment
* Pride
* Enjoyment

Executive Committee

Kagiso Modibedi

Roseline Mamaloukos

Tefo Dithapo

Gomolemo Chibana

Thabiso Seobamo

Thuso Majaha

Joseph Khengere


V President   

Gen. Secretary 

Head of FIM

Head of FIA




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