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Botswana Bridge Federation

The sport of Bridge was introduced in Botswana more than thirty years ago, and has since enjoyed rapid growth throughout the country. The Botswana Bridge Federation (BBF) was established in 1988.


“Sports for all, for leisure, health, employment and National Pride”

Mission Statement

The BBF’S mission is to develop and promote Bridge throughout the country. To develop competitive national teams, improved standards of all Bridge players across the country and large numbers of secondary school students playing the game. Our aim is to make Botswana one of the best bridge playing countries in the region by 2012.


  • To develop and promote Bridge especially among the youth throughout the country.
  • To incorporate HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns into development programmes.
  • To raise funds to augment government grant to enable full implementation of development projects.
  • To organise and conduct Bridge clinics in all schools playing Bridge and also to encourage all schools to adopt one bidding system.
  • To encourage and promote participation and competition at national, regional, continental and world levels.
  • To organise development workshops, camps, clinics and courses for administrators, coaches and tournament directors.
  • To encourage interschool competitions at regional levels.
  • To host interschool competitions in remote areas and other areas outside Gaborone.
  • To promote a game that is intellectually stimulating and which encourages social interactions.
  • To develop out-of-school programmes for out-of-school youth.
  • To organise three open events each year.
  • To develop bilateral relations with other Associations (e.g. BOTESSA, Kenyan Bridge Federation).

The BBF was formally registered with Botswana National Sport Commission, (BNSC) as an affiliate in 1992. BBF is also affiliated to the World Bridge Federation (WBF), African Bridge Federation (ABF) respectively. The WBF is divided into eight zones and Botswana falls within the Africa Zone 8.

Executive Committee
Letsogile Mafa
T. Jopi
Lillian Pitoro Mrs
Glod Maele
M. Mlilo
Keneilwe Mosomodi
B. Ellece
Sec Gen Ag.  
Adult Coordinator
Youth Coordinator


Botswana Bridge Federation
P.O. Box 4728
Patron: Dr N.N. Mashalaba