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The BNSC Board hosts Namibia Sports Commission (NSC)

The Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) Board will on the 15th February 2024 welcome the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) Board, who will be here on an official visit to meet with their counterpart. The delegation will be in Botswana from the 15th -17th February 2024.

The NSC is the umbrella and regulatory organization of all sporting codes and is based in Windhoek. It was established by the Government Gazette on the 2th of August 2003.  The NSC has only seven (7) sporting codes under its umbrella.

During their visit, they will engage with the BNSC Board and management in both open and closed meetings to appreciate the operations, mandate, challenges and achievements of the BNSC. The BNSC’s Sport Development Department will share with the visitors amongst other things, their programmes and projects, while the Business Development and Property Management Services (BDPMS), which is responsible for maintenance of facilities, revenue generation as well as marketing & communications of the BNSC, will also present on their projects and services.

Furthermore, the visitors will get the opportunity to tour the BNSC’s sports facilities in Gaborone and surrounding areas. The tour’s main objective is to allow the NSC to appreciate Botswana’s sporting facilities, their usage and challenges. The visitors will be treated to a sports day throughout the last day of the visit. It is also imperative to note that one of the main functions of the BNSC is to promote sport development as well as health and wellness through its available structures and facilities.

The Namibia Sports Commission will be represented by the Chairman of the Board Chairman Mr. Cilas Wilders, Board member Mr. Patrick Percy Xoagub and the Chief Administrator Mr. Simataa Mwiya