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Botswana Karate Association

The Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) was established in 1980, since then it has grown from strength to strength. However, Karate was practiced in Botswana from the late 1960’s, it became more pronounced in the 70’s at community level. Around 1979, it was intorduced to schools. Until then there was no governing body.

Two years after its inception, BOKA affiliated to Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC). At around the same time, competitions began to immediately feature and by 1987 the Association was already taking part in international competitions. The first Botswana Karate National team went to Zimbabwe in 1992. At this time there were about a hundred Karate practitioners, with only three black belts fewer than two styles, Shukokai and Shotokan.

Growth has been exponential, with BOKA affiliating regionally to Zone VI, continentaly to the Union of African Karate (UFKA) and World Karate Federation (WKF) at the international level. The Association has representation at UFAK and has managed to upgrade a number of coaches to international level, as well as accredited continental referees. Over a span of two decades, BOKA has managed to ensure a constant year long programme of events with six national tournaments for both youth and seniors.

One of BOKA’s notable achievements is the recent 2002 excellent performance of the Youth and Cadet team, which won gold in the Africa Youth Championships, held in Botswana. Our all Africa Games team also brought home three silvers and bronze in 1999. To date BOKA has been dominating the nominations at the annual BNSC/Barloworld Sport Awards.


Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) is an umbrella body of the sport of Karate, which means "the art of the empty hand", in Botswana. The sport of Karate is very popular among the youth, and it is gender sensitive as it caters for all sexes, age groups, races, cultural and any other denomination. BOKA is made up of five Federations, which practice different styles of karate.


“Karate for all, for health, recreation, self defence, employment and character building for a more civic and prestigious society”

BNSC Vision 2012

“ Sports for all, for leisure, health, employment and national pride”.

Mission Statement

Boka shall provide Karate for all through proper management, promotion and provision of appropriate facilities, training and participation in organised competition and active involvement in all nation-building activities.


Human resources development is among the major BOKA goals. The plan shall entail developing Karate instructors countrywide, accrediting coaches and administrators, for efficient, effective and well-coordinated running of Karate in the country.

The identification and development of internationally competitive athletes shall continue to be BOKA's biggest challenge around which a lot of development shall be targeted. The Association realises the importance of working with other stakeholders like primary schools, BISA, BPLSA and BOBSA, and will continue to nurture the relationships in order to increase Karate membership. On the other hand Karate must contribute towards social responsibility issues.

The Association endeavours to acquire land or space to establish a sports facility, which should eventually relieve it of the bigger burden of hiring and/or leasing. On the same note fundraising will continue to feature as the association’s greater source of revenue.

This is geared at attaining long-term financial independence for BOKA. Whilst this goes on, BOKA intends to decentralise sporting facilities to other parts of the country. This will entail consultation, negotiation and contractual agreements with relevant authorities for long-term partnership and utilisation of existing structures around the country. A development programme will thus help to structure the coordination and achievement of all these.

Executive Committee
Member Position Contact Email
Mr. Mpho Bakwadi President 71 302 222
Mr. Moemedi Nthapeleng Vice President (Admin) 71 848 623  
Mr. Union Kgafela V/President - Technical  71 446 229
Mr. Dick Othusitse Tshepang Secretary General 74 350 184
Mr. Keorapetse Dube Public Relations Officer 77 157 969
Ms. Kemmonye Seletamotse Treasure 72 876 490  
Mr. Francois Alberts Vice Secretary General 71 303 227  

P.O. Box 40010