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BNSC has a wide range of services. Our services are:


  • Coordinate and facilitate implementation of sport development programmes as initiated by the National Sport Associations in accordance with the National Sports and Recreation Policy.
  • Coordinate development of short, medium and long term planning on sport development.
  • Adopt approved standards of coaching, administration, and management in all areas of sport delivery in line with international practice in sport.
  • Ensure that the primary delivery of sport takes place at and through the national sports and recreation associations.
  • Ensure that National Sport Associations decentralize their management structures in order to facilitate sport development throughout the country.
  • Forge links with international sports bodies and technical cooperation assistance bodies.

Sport facilities development and management

  • Coordinate all sport facilities requirements by the National Sport Association.
  • Manage the sports facilities in line with the agreed terms and conditions by Government.

Resource mobilization and appropriation

  • Coordinate requests for budget for sport and recreation development from the National Sport Associations.
  • Monitor, distribute and account for the Government subvention on sports development through the development of an effective internal system.
  • Assist the National Sport Associations with a strategic approach towards resource mobilization.
  • Provide and manage administrators and technical personnel for selected sports disciplines.

Sports Promotion

Create linkages with the media, sponsors, private sector and other stakeholders in the promotion of sport.

International Competition

Determine criteria for participation in regional, continental and international competitions by Botswana teams.

Prepare Botswana athletes for international competitions in Collaboration with the Botswana National Olympic Committee and National Sport Associations; with the latter as lead agents.