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Botswana Brigades Sports Association

Botswana Brigades Sports Association (BOBSA)
BOBSA is a multi-sport organisation formed entirely to organise and run sports affairs of the Brigades of Botswana. BOBSA was officially established in 1995.
Botswana Brigades are technical institutions engaged in training out of school youth in Botswana. BOBSA therefore has been mandated by the Botswana Brigades governing body to run, organise, implement and evaluate various sports activities within the Brigades.
BOBSA to be an acknowledged force in sport and health nationally and regionally.
BOBSA stands to attain excellence in competitive and participatory sport for its group code by promoting physical, psychological and economical well being of its affiliates nationally and regionally.
BOBSA shall be leading sport group code in promoting physical, psychological and economical well being of its affiliates nationally and regionally.
Mission Statement
BOBSA aims at providing sports development through competitive administration, improvement of technical skills, marketing of trainees’ competencies, constructive leisure, interaction and promotion of health.
To promote and stimulate awareness of sports in Botswana
To encourage the spirit of sportsmanship by providing the opportunities for interrelations in social and cultural activities for the benefit of all members.
To develop sportsmen and women in all categories to their desires and talents.
To develop coaches officials of various codes and administrators to international standards.
To promote the physical and mental well being of affiliates trainees through sports, government and business community.
To sensitise the affiliates on HIV/AIDS and other health issues.
To sensitise the members on the importance of sports as an economic activity in the employment market.
To promote drug and substance abuse awareness among affiliates by 2010 and beyond.
To plan and organise national and international games with Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) institutions.
To market the association to the nation through print and electronic media.
To create and open channels of communication with other stakeholders for possible collaboration with them.
Executive Committee

Mr Joseph Mtika

Mr Tefo Keaja

Mr Mompoloki S. Lekoba

Mr B Sentsho

Mr O. Modise

Neo Mmadintsi Mrs  

Mr Mogomotsi Rhodes



General Secretary   

V/Gen. Secretary




Botswana Brigades Sports Association (BOBSA)
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