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Botswana Primary Schools Sports Association


Botswana Primary Schools Sports Association (BOPSSA) was formed in 2006.  It draws its membership from all recognized and/or registered primary schools within Botswana.  BOPSSA is affiliated to Botswana National Sport Commission and Botswana National Olympic Committee.  The association also intends to affiliate to relevant regional, continental and international organizations responsible for primary schools sports.  This association is tasked with the coordination and promotion of non-discriminating sport participation and stimulating interest and awareness amongst primary school learners in Botswana.
The association’s National Executive Committee runs the welfare of the association. BOPSSA has National Organizers for the following codes: Athletics, Football, Netball and Volleyball.  In its lower structures, BOPSSA has Regional Organizers, and Regional Coordinators for Athletics, Football, Netball and Volleyball, as well as Zonal Organizers, and Zonal Coordinators for Athletics, Football, Netball and Volleyball.  

 Formation of BOPSSA

BOPSSA’s formation followed the request made by the Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) requests to the Department of Primary Education to be relieved of organization and administration sports activities.
A task force was launched by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education in 2001 to research on formation of primary schools sports body. The task force consisted of BTU, BOPRITA, Ministry of Local Government, Department of Sports and Recreation, University of Botswana, National Primary Schools Heads Conference, BISA and Department of Primary Education staff members.
The task force released its report in March 2002. Following the report’s recommendation, an interim committee was launched in 2002.
The first National Executive Committee was elected on 14 September 2006. National Organizers for Athletics, Football, Netball and Volleyball were elected on 21 September 2007. Regional Organizers and Coordinators were elected on 20 October 2007. School committees were elected on different dates. 

Executive Committee
Busani A. Segweni – Boitumelo P.S.
Golebaone. Raditladi - Pilane P.S
Jacob Thapelo
Tumelo O. Manuhwa - Thebe P.S.
Lawrence Moseki - Poloka P.S.
Koziba M. Lebala Ms -Palapye Centrl P.S.
Jikiza Morley J. Mapete – Bosele P.School
Boy A. Olekantse - South East Region
Witness D. Taziba - South East D. Council
Joseph Olaotse -  Rasesa P. School
Joseph  Majako - Ledumang P. S
Thuto Barei Ms. - Therisanyo P.S
Selebatso Keabetswe-Reuben Mpabanga PS
Bagwilizani Matshameko -Nyamambisi PS.
Mogametsi J. Kowa     71255616
Vice President
Secretary General  
Vice Sec General   
Publicity Secretary
Ex Officio (NPSHC)
Ex Officio (MoE&SD)
Ex Officio (DLGFPS) N.O. – Athletics 
N.O. – Volleyball
N.O. – Cricket
N.O. – Football
N.O. – Netball


Primary School Sports
Botswana Primary Sport Ass. (BOPSSA)
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