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Botswana Badminton Association

History of Badminton in Botswana

Like most sports, badminton came to Botswana through enthusiasts originally from  Europe and Asia playing socially. The mining towns – Orapa, Selebi-Phikwe and Jwaneng – took the lead in popularising  the game because of their cosmopolitan nature. Other major towns  like Gaborone and Francistown followed soon. 

It is not known exactly when the first game of Badminton was played in Botswana.  However, during the 1980s there was a lot of activity going on between Francistown,  Orapa and Selebi-Phikwe. The idea to ultimately form an association was tried in 1985  but could not materialize due to lack of commitment and distance.

However, in 1990 the Botswana Badminton Association was formed under the  chairmanship of Ishmael Bhamjee. BBA is affiliated to BNSC, Africa Badminton  Federation and the International Badminton Federation.

About us
The Botswana Badminton Association currently there are eight registered badminton clubs. All the clubs provide technical  and administrative assistance to the association’s development at no cost. BBA is initiating  the role of identifying and nurturing talent throughout the country at low level or grassroots.

BBA is carrying the mandate of developing a marketing strategy which will bring the  game of badminton to the youth in rural areas. 

As regards development of badminton, so far there is considerable and steady  progress. A majority of schools are playing badminton and the game has gained  popularity in the country. Badminton also enjoys coverage and publicity in the media,  thus further popularizing the game. The overall standard is good and participation is satisfactory. 

BBA shall  endeavour to have a large pool of players for local and international competitions at all times and in all categories. This will be achieved by introducing badminton in more schools and institutions especially primary and junior  secondary schools.

To promote and establish badminton as a competitive and socially rewarding game. This  will highlight the health, intellectual, economic and social gains accruing from the sport.

 To achieve:

    * A state of constant fitness and reduced ill-health because of constant and continuous exercise;
    * Emotional and spiritual well-being that accrue from competitive badminton;
    * A sense of belonging, tolerance, worth and achievement;
    * A level of professionalism in the sport that may result in financial gains.

To introduce, consolidate and strengthen the sport by:

    * Organising and supporting competition in areas that already have badminton.
    * Using existing clubs as nucleus for expanding the sport to the surrounding areas;
    * Establishing new regions and structures in strategically placed areas;
    * Establishing a pool of trained personnel such as coaches and administrators at various levels of competence;
    * Facilitating the establishment of an umpire’s association;
    * Reaching out to more remote centres of the country and their catchment area areas;
    * Consistently competing in international tournaments in line with the National Sports Vision.

Executive Committee

Kunyalala H. Mphinyane 5441797

Moses Macheke

Thuso Mudungo

Ms Wame Maphosa

Godwin O. Mathumo

Lesego Tsekane

Barulagye Ncube


Vice Pres

Sec. General


Technical Director

Events manager





Botswana Badminton Association

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